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Pesticide database

This database of pesticide is a great resource for farmers. All recommendations are based on directives of DIRECTORATE OF PLANT PROTECTION, QUARANTINE & STORAGE. Please note that we are currently updating data, hence one may not find some entries..

Use our Sticky Traps to monitor the pest and optimize the use of pesticides. Save expense, efforts, and losses! 
Farmers can use the search window to find data as per their need Viz. Find pesticides used in particular crop or various crops for which particular pesticides is recommended. For any query please comment in the comment box at the base of this page


  • भागम भाग औषधि कशी वापरायची

    Dattaraj S Raut
  • Want information about colour capsicum pest/disease management & how to control virus & sucking pest in polyhouse..also want information about nutrient & fertilizer management for colour Capsiccum

    Puja Kakade

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