Pests on grapevines and their control

Pests on grapevines and their control

This is a small account on various pests that infest grapevines. Tabular info will help farmers to find relevant information more easily. Before we proceed, I would like to attract your attention to the fact that you are reading this information on the blog of Patil Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Although we are not manufacturing any particular product for control of pests on grapevines, we do supply some products that are highly useful for owners of grapevine. Our products help to minimize the occurrence of pest. Moreover, it is interesting that a few of them are available online too. We ship these products to all corners of India. Have a look at them.

Sticky traps are one of the best pest control tools. Our sticky traps are manufactured using tough sheets and non-drying glue.

 Amrut drenching kit is an excellent tool for balancing of fertilizers. Its application at every interval of 20-25 days during growing season condition the soil properties so that nutrient uptake increases. The healthy and lush vineyard is immune to pests and microbial diseases. Kindly go through the offer here. Please visit our homepage for more offers and takeaways!


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