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Controlling Whitefly and Virus outbreak in multiple economically important crops

Controlling Whitefly and Virus outbreak in multiple economically important crops

Whitefly is one of the most polyphagous pests with over 600 hosts throughout the world. Common crops like cotton, tomato, sweet potato, tobacco, cassava, pulses, chilies, brinjal, bhindi, and ornamentals are most affected.

Leaves of the affected plants display numerous chlorotic spots and yellowing. Many times sooty mold also grows due to sticky secretions of whitefly. Yellowing of veins, leaf curling, mosaics develops which indicate spread of whitefly-transmitted viral disease.  Whitefly is known to transmit more than 60 plant viruses viz. cassava mosaic virus, tomato yellow leaf curl virus, cotton leaf curl geminivirus, tobacco leaf curl and so on.

Nymphs overwinter on the leaves of host plants. In late spring adult females deposit 200-400 eggs in circular clusters on the undersides of upper leaves. The eggs hatch in 5-10 days and first instar nymphs, which resemble small mealybugs and are called crawlers, move a short distance from the egg before flattening themselves against the leaf to feed. The remaining nymphal stages do not move. A non-feeding pupal stage follows and within a week, young adults emerge to repeat the cycle.

There are many generations per year. Whiteflies develop from egg to adult in approximately 25 days at room temperature. Adults may live for one to two months.

Although it is said and experienced by many of us that whitefly cannot be controlled using pesticides, we are providing here a table that can be searched for pesticides having alternative methods. If you are using one pesticide that affects nerve and muscle then you can use the second pesticide that affects midgut or growth or respiration of pest. 

However, before moving forward, I would like to attract your attention to two of our products, Yellow-Blue sticky traps, and Arena. If you combine these two products with pesticide product, you can control whitefly more easily. Good news is that we are offering these products throughout India at discounted rates. You can buy them online and we shall deliver them to your home through services of Indian Post. Have a look at them.


It is interesting that most farmers consider the use of pesticides after the occurrence of infestation. However, data of Directorate of Plant Protection, quarantine, and storage shows that several pesticides formulations are recommended for seed treatment, soil treatment, etc. Search the following table for alternatives available. 

A prudent and modern farmer will always use combination pesticides for control of the whitefly. Please find herewith a searchable table where you can find combo pesticide for your crop.


If you are unable to get combo pesticide or have few pesticides in stock, search following table to find a formulation that suits your need. 

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