Importance of Chelated Micronutrients in Modern Agriculture

Balanced soil contains various elements that are essential for the development of a healthy plant. However balance of these nutrients is lost due to erosion, intensive agriculture practices, high yielding varieties and depletion of organic carbon. Although, we prepare soil before sowing by supplementing organic manure, NPKs, secondary fertilizers and soil grade micronutrients, they seldom balance the soil composition. Soil composition also keeps on changing during the crop growing stage due to various climatic conditions viz. rain fall and uptake of nutrients by crop and weeds. Numerous times, physiology of plant fails to uptake micronutrients from soil. Deficiency of one micronutrient leads to failure in uptake of other micronutrients which leads to development of further deficiencies.

In a nutshell, micronutrient deficiency is inevitable and inseparable concern of modern agriculture. Deficiencies of zinc, iron, manganese and boron are widespread and are associated with specific soils or soil cropping systems.

Many times farmers misunderstand deficiency symptoms with fungal, bacterial and viral diseases. This worsen the problem, crop receives unnecessary biocide doses.

The states severely affected include Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Tamilnadu. In most of these states micronutrient deficiencies are widespread.

Single strategic solution to this problem is intermittent spraying with chelated micronutrient mixture – Microdeal Grade 2. Do not wait for appearance of any deficiency symptom. Schedule sprays at interval of 21 days. First spray should be scheduled as soon as crop enters in growing phase after sowing or transplantation.

Features of Microdeal Grad 2 are as follows

  1. Formulation is prepared in saturated solution of organic chelating agents to ensure through chelation
  2. It has a balanced composition of Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, B and Mo
  3. Microdeal is a superior formulation free from sediments and particles
  4. Formulation is stable and uniform. It can be safely mixed in tank with other spray formulations. However a small compatibility test is recommended to ensure that another spray do not interfere with solubility of Microdeal
  5. Highly chelated nutrients are readily absorbed through foliar surface
  6. This spray helps the crop to break physiological barriers leading to uptake of other nutrients from soil.